Roasters Notes for the week of Friday, February 27th, 2015

Posted by RP Roasting Crew on 2/27/2015
Timeless info for this week...

Roast Notes for the week of February 6th, 2015

Posted by RPR Roasting Crew on 2/6/2015
Coming back at you with updates and an impromptu interview!

Roast Notes 1/18-1/24

Posted by RPR Roasting Crew on 1/24/2015
All the notes fit to roast for the week of 1/18-1/24

Roast Notes for 1/11-1/17

Posted by Andrew Phillips on 1/20/2015
The cheat sheet for all that went on in the roaster this week...


Posted by Rose Park Blogging Crew on 11/20/2014
We used to be one thing: roasters of coffee. In the last four weeks our world has been turned upside down as we were offered the chance, and ultimately decided to embark, on opening the doors to our very first flagship coffee bar. This was not something we ever wanted.

Coffee Leaf Rust is a problem. Here is how we are helping...

Posted by Andrew Phillips on 8/23/2014
A small way to help with a huge problem...

Saying hello to the weekend...

Posted by Andrew Phillips on 8/15/2014
Well, hello there...

Saying hello to the weekend.

Vacation! Sort of...

Posted by Andrew Phillips on 7/18/2014
Vacation! Sort of...
Going on vacation for the week of 7/27/14 but never fear- your coffee will arrive just as it should always...

Coffee FAQ: "How long does coffee last?"

Posted by Rose Park Roasters' Blogging Crew on 5/25/2013
Don't drink gross coffee! Here are some of the factors that make the shelf-life of coffee so important for getting the greatest amount of complexity and nuance when home-brewing.

Coffee FAQ: "What is Cup of Excellence?"

Posted by Rose Park Roasters Blogging Crew on 4/28/2013
The Cup of Excellence is one of the best forces for social progress within the international coffee industry, to say nothing of what it does to encourage careful, ecologically-conscious farming practices that have transformed coffee as a commodity into a culinary art.

Bicycle Delivery Has More To Do With Coffee Than You Might Think

Posted by Rose Park Roasters Blogging Crew on 4/27/2013
We love biking around Long Beach. But our free bicycle delivery is about more than that. We want to fundamentally change how coffee gets to your cup. It's a local-centric business model that encourages home brewers to revolutionize where the best cup of coffee is being brewed...welcome to coffee's counter revolution, reversing the coffee-shop-centric mentality that Starbucks helped kick off in the late 80s.

Coffee FAQ: "Is Decaf A Second-Class Citizen In The Coffee World?"

Posted by Rose Park Roasters Blogging Crew on 1/3/2013
What does decafeination do to a Coffee's overall quality?

Coffee FAQ: "How Important Are The Brewing Ratios Of Water To Coffee Grounds?"

Posted by Rose Park Roasters' Blogging Crew on 1/1/2013
How do you make sure your brewing ratio is correct? And how important is it?

Rainforest Alliance Cupping

Posted by Andrew on 5/5/2012
Rainforest Alliance

Fairly Posted

Posted by Andrew on 5/4/2012
Our take on Fair Trade and how our coffees stack up to that standard.